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Programming For Kids Pengarang: S.E.N.A CyQUEST 428
Model Dan Animasi 3-Dimensi Dalam Blender Pengarang: MEDIASENA 1248
Multimedia Production: Media Workflow 2 - Preparing For Work Pengarang: SK Sena 653
Multimedia Production: Media Workflow 1 - Juggling Skills and Chances Pengarang: SK Sena 407
Multimedia Production: A Creativity and Problem Solving Boot Camp Pengarang: SK Sena 557
Bercakap Dengan Komputer Pengarang: SK Sena 1904
Shining A Light On The Path To The Future Pengarang: SK Sena 719
Commanding Power At SK Sena Pengarang: SK Sena 1167
Intranet dan Internet di SK Sena Pengarang: Ketua Komponen SenaNet 2544
Peluang dan Kesempatan di SK Sena Pengarang: SK Sena 937

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A Word From The Creator Of Our Favorite Computer Operating System

Q: So, how do you feel about potentially billions of dollars of wealth being created from your creation that you're not necessarily directly cashing out?

A: So? If I hadn't made Linux available, I mean, I wouldn't have gotten a name, (or) money that way either. So I mean, it's a win-win situation. Just the fact that there are a lot of commercial companies, means that there are a lot of Linux people who used to work on Linux (kind of) along the side, and now they get paid for doing what they wanted to do. That helps me in the sense that I wanted them to work on Linux anyway.

- Linus Torvalds



No To Restricted Boot

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