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Computing Essentials at SK Sena

The S.E.N.A CyQUEST Smart Environment Program at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sena, Kangar, Perlis can be said to consist of two main goals: 1) To prepare a technologically rich environment by obtaining the necessary tools and creating new infrastructures, and 2) To carry out regular training programs and activities that will enable SK Sena students and staff members to use those tools and infrastructures extensively. For staff members, it was found that one of the important characteristics of a smart environment (i.e. what it needs to be or have) is the capability for a reliable data transfer procedure between computers in a systematic and seamless manner, with the least amount of exposure to risks such as viruses, malwares and incompatible formatting among documents on various platforms. This necessity has lead to the development of a data storage and sharing system based on FTP, PHP and MySQL which runs through SenaNet, SK Sena's intra- and inter- network architecture.

The next phase of the development of the storage and sharing system is to configure a safe, yet easy-to-use access methods into the system. Being a PHP-based system, web access is practically a given since the day the system was installed. However, a more direct approach should provide a safer and faster access for users through the school's intranet. To that end, CyQUEST has collected several open source softwares essential for such a purpose. These softwares, listed on Table 1, will allow local users to transfer data to and from the server securely and quickly through the school's Gigabit Ethernet backbone, at the same time ensuring persistent and compatible document formats between the two main platforms in use at SK Sena, namely GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. This list is far from comprehensive, but it will provide a starting point for better and more advanced computing practices at SK Sena, and it will be updated from time to time as necessary.


 Table 1: List of Open Source Softwares for Data Storage and Sharing
FileZilla (S)FTP Client

FileZilla client for (Secure) File Transfer Protocol.
Used to transfer data between computers using the SSH2 protocol


OpenSSH for Windows

OpenSSH client for the Microsoft Windows platform.
Used for user account maintenance.



PDFCreator by pdfforge.
Used to create PDF files from documents created by other applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint, etc.
Helps to preserve document layout between different platforms and software versions.



It is hoped that the introduction of these tools will, in time, allow staff members of SK Sena to store and share data between one another easily and securely, which in turn will help to smooth out some of the wrinkles in the school management process.

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