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InfoSenaThere is one major question that permeates our entire educational environment today. It is the question of intellectual pursuit. How much of it are we providing for our students? Are we, in fact, provoking them to engage in active and creative thinking during and outside classroom sessions? Or are we simply teaching them how to answer exam questions correctly (as far as our definition of correctness goes) and memorize how to perform routine activities as deemed fit for display?

In this day and age, the pedagogical methods of one-way-information-flow, tiring-repetitions and mindless, non-productive choreographies just don't seem to cut it anymore. Not when the students' well-being and intelligence are concerned. Without saying that the methods themselves are outdated, the workforce requirements of the modern day (and of the future for that PROPER in sessionmatter), which depend so much on knowledge, skills and technologies, expect more than the type of workers who push paper, after paper, after paper because they are told to do so, or because it's what everyone else does. In a country that claims to be on the fast track towards progress and development, its talent pool of nation builders must be filled with those who are capable of coming up with fresh, new ideas and mustering courageous determination to change for the better. If we still penalize our students when they talk back (politely, intelligently and meaningfully, of course), they may never talk at all. Not even when they become part of the nation's leadership, when they are supposed to be defending the rights of the people, and working towards strengthening Malaysia's position on the global stage. 2020 might come and go, but without the correct foundations in place, the dreams of a perfect society to be achieved by then may never come to pass.

It is with these considerations in mind that we try to educate our students at SK Sena in bolder and more creative ways. We like to make them understand that the most important thing to be produced as students are creative ideas, not correct answers. That comes second. We also like to teach them that it doesn't matter if they make mistakes, as long as they learn TuxPaint contestfrom them and become better persons at whatever they do, the next time they do it. We encourage them to express their opinions, clear all lingering doubts by asking more and more questions, and to never suppress their curiosities. We never deny their rights to be playful, as all children should be, as long as they understand how fast and far they should and should not go. At least, that's what we hope we have been doing all this while.

Part of the concerted efforts to achieve such a thriving educational environment is executed through the creative use of technologies available to us as teachers and students. Free (as in freedom) and open source softwares play a vital part in ensuring that everyone gets an equal chance to unleash his or her thinking prowess, be it at school, or at home. At SK Sena, we use Scratch to teach our students the concept of computer programming through fun and exciting animations. The same software was part of the UK's Education Secretary, Michael Gove's suggestions in revamping their entire ICT curriculum (The Guardian, January 11th 2012: Michael Gove To Scrap 'Boring' IT Lessons). The announcement came out about a fortnight after SK Sena began using Scratch, thanks to an introduction by Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI). It was quite a pleasant coincidence. And then there's Blender, a 3DNews session in the studio production suite capable of generating Hollywood-quality materials. Search for "Blender movie" on YouTube, and you'll find some of the best examples available. Work is also in place to bring softwares like Tux Paint, Kdenlive, GIMP and Inkscape to the masses, as opposed to using them solely within the confinements of focus groups. This should allow more teachers and students to get acquainted to the more creative side of education.

Softwares aside, hardware plays an equally important role in creating a wholesome, intelligence-nurturing surrounding in which we can mold our students into shape, preparing them to take on challenges beyond their wildest imaginations. An environment that is equipped with carefully planned and effective tools will be able to train its inhabitants to learn and work effectively. That's why, at SK Sena, we use all resources at hand, including the generous contributions from all parties involved, to build facilities that promote active participation among students, especially in activities that go well beyond their classroom syllabus. There's an audiovisual recording studio, a digital processing lab, a Mathematics Access Center, a training arena for the school's jumprope team, and a public speaking spot, in addition to the standard facilities accorded to all schools. In fact, the entire school compound is littered with Telling it to the worldcontents, ready to be absorbed, assimilated and applied for the benefit of everyone.

Overcoming intellectual challenges is difficult. So much so that there are those who would rather take the easy way out, and showcase the simpler, less cerebral aspects of the education system as a sign of progress and showmanship. Not to say that there is no advantage at all in doing so, but we also need to show our resolve in creating a generation of thinkers, directors, producers, corporate leaders, technocrats and problem solvers, and the only way to do this is to ensure that intellectual accomplishments are given the priority they deserve. Let us revel not only upon the fact that our students can do what we tell them to do, step by excruciating step, but also that they are capable of coming up with new and better ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Let us rejoice not only because our students entertain us, but also, surprisingly sometimes, because they outdo, outperform and outthink us. And finally, let us hope that our future generations will put their youthful vigor and intellect before blind subservience, and knowledge before entertainment. Let us pray so those who will pick up the torch from us in this ever expanding race, who will someday carry on the name of Malaysia, will be able to see the world in a much more intelligent way than we do right now, secure in the knowledge that they are indeed capable of knowing what needs to be known, and of doing what needs to be done. And let us all strive in unison, so that sooner rather than later, each and everyone of us will be a part of building that great future.


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