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MEDIASENA is Malaysia's leading school-based ICT and multimedia conglomerate headquartered at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sena (SK Sena), Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia. With currently five wholly-owned production and publication powerhouses under its management, MEDIASENA aims to expand its portfolio through ongoing research, development and training to produce the most respectable, skillful and knowledgeableMEDIASENA personnel during an external coverage for the state's Department of Education school-level media personnel the world has ever seen.

In audiovisual broadcasting, MEDIASENA owns 100% equity interest in CyKidzCRAZE, an audio-video production house established in 2008. The list of its production materials now include a news bulletin series (Buletin CyKidzCRAZE), a kids talk show (Ceria Bersama CyKidzCRAZE), short dramas and promotional videos. CyKidzCRAZE also provides official media coverage for all events at SK Sena, as well as several external coverage based on requests and invitations.

MEDIASENA also owns SK Sena's prime radio network, Sena.FM, which broadcasts internally throughout the entire school compound. Apart from that, there is also an event management company known as FlashWorks which serves to plan and execute stage-/arena-/open-air- based events at SK Sena, and OSSys, a technology company providing Open Source Software (OSS) system-consultations and services for SK Sena and the surrounding community. The latest subsidiary joining MEDIASENA is its Research & Development (RnD) wing, SK Sena's very own Young Engineers Club under UniMAP's ENVEX Young Researchers Club (EYReC), which serves to promote invention and innovation programs among students at the national and international levels.

The group has strong offline and online presence due to the fact that all published materials are made available physically through various channels, or virtually through SK Sena's very own official website at The MEDIASENA brand has been strengthened by a restructuring of its management and operating structure to allow for a more involved and effective execution procedures on the side of the students. In the process of creating professional and high-quality products, MEDIASENA hopes to build a stronger, more confident and reliable generation of Malaysians in the long run.


  1. CyKidzCRAZE - TV / Video Production
  2. Sena.FM - Radio Broadcasting
  3. FlashWorks - Event Management
  4. OSSys - FOSS Systems and Services
  5. Young Engineers Club (EYReC, SK Sena Chapter) - Research & Development




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