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Multimedia Production: A Creativity and Problem Solving Boot Camp

TechNewsThere is a loud buzz surrounding the ICT and Creative Multimedia scene in present-day Malaysia. The Multimedia Development Corporation, or MDeC has been running a Creative Industry Lifelong Learning Program for sometime now, to the objective of raising the technical skills of Creative Multimedia practitioners from virtually every level of the population (which also unfortunately managed to leave school students out of the equation). The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, MCMC or SKMM for short, also had a Networked Content Development Grant running to try and establish Malaysia as a digital content hub, as well as promote the creation of more content along the lines of local values and achievements. This has been superseded by the Creative Industry Development Fund as of 2012. While neither of those pools of financial resources has anything to do with school students themselves, the MCMC has also been sponsoring several school-level competitions to encourage the use of creative multimedia technology among students all over the country. Among such noble initiatives are the League of Creative Teens and Pertandingan Mencipta Video Merdeka (Independence Video Creation Competition), both of which are open to secondary school students. And let's not forget the recent Creative Content Challenge, which was also sponsored by the MCMC (Northern Branch) and carried out by several agencies including Sekolah Kebangsaan Sena, involving all (primary and secondary) schools in Perlis. For that matter, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education has been conducting Kid Witness News, a similar program, but targeted for a wider audience, with the exciting prospect of representing Malaysia and the region at the global stage.

Certainly, if a study by MDeC on the supply of Malaysian talents in ICT and Creative Multimedia is to be believed, the demand is at an all time high. In fact, the study shows that demand is predicted to exceed available supply of skilled workers in those areas by 2013, the existence of learning instutions for the very purpose of producing media graduates such as the Multimedia University, the KRU Academy, and the Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media notwithstanding. This is where the nurturing of such talents at a very early age comes into play. For some children, the excitement over multimedia creation tasks is simply inbuilt, needing only the slightest jolt to push them toward production excellence. For the rest, it's something that has to be instilled over time, by slowly guiding them into the wonderful world of self-expression and high-level achievements. Only when they have finally understood the rewards that await those who are willing to be courageous enough to learn new technical knowledge and let their ideas flow, will the wheel of unbridled enthusiasm roll without constraint. Teachers, by then, will serve more as knowledge providers and less as morale builders.

It is definitely undeniable that creative multimedia production is no easy work. It's not simply a bunch of kids jumping around, flailing their arms about without so much as a hint of intelligence in their actions. No. Technical and production tasks require creativity. They demand the ability to solve oncoming problems and the capacity to think on one's feet. A glaring example would be the unfortunate circumstance of having one of your cameras failing to send any output during a Multiple Camera Production event. It's just not the kind of problem on which you can sleep through overnight, and dream of a workable solution by the coming of dawn. It's something to be solved right then and there. Justifiably, some might consider this type of challenges to be the ultimate barrier that prevents many young children from venturing into this business. However, it should also be said that this can potentially be the most fertile ground to train our future generations with the skills aforementioned. The only danger that teachers need to be aware of is not to push too hard on the students the need for external validation, such that it kills any amount of joy that could be felt from being a part of a production team. The flow of work processes involved in such conditions demonstrates clearly how the correct use of technology and a methodical framework in multimedia production can lead to a sense of professionalism well beyond what is normally expected from young children.

Media Work Processes Flowchart

(Click on the diagram for a larger, clearer view)

The flowchart above demonstrates how a number of discreet processes can be combined into one large, seamless workflow which applies a great combination of knowledge, skills and technologies to achieve the final result: a tangible, creative product that each crew member can be proud of. Therefore, it is safe to say that a child's involvement in such a program is capable of generating a sense of responsibility, work ethics and an aptitude for technical and intelligent skills, which may easily lead to the creation of a stronger, more confident self. --> Next release: Media Workflow, Dissected

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